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IceCap Asset Management is a Halifax, Canada based investment counselor and portfolio management company. We are licensed to provide discretionary management services in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador. Our ongoing focus emphasizes long lasting relationships and continuous personalized discussions among clients, their consultants, tax advisors and whomever else they want to have involved.

We are not owned by any bank, insurance company, nor mutual fund company. Unlike most investment professionals, we do not receive any commissions, rebates, or trailer fees for investing you in mutual funds or other investment products. This is important because it means we are not sales agents for anyone nor influenced to use any family of mutual funds or other products.

Our independence allows us to be open minded towards new investment opportunities and never restricts our ability to do what is best for our clients.

We embrace our independence. It is our strength and it makes us different.

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Dynamic & Unique

The world is constantly changing and this provides new investment opportunities and different ways to exceed your investment goals. Our independence and belief that everyone is different, further reinforces our vision of providing unique investment solutions.

In addition to the traditional strategies of stocks and bonds, we also consider strategies covering commodities, gold, currencies, and real estate. It is only recently that access to these strategies have become available to non-institutional investors. It is our experience that when these newer strategies are added to your investment portfolio, the probability of exceeding your investment goals increases.

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IceCap Asset Management is different. We are able to provide world class investment management solutions by retaining our intellect, global perspective and experience in-house, while outsourcing the high cost functions of custody, reporting, and research. The ultra expensive sales function has been eliminated altogether.

Our Canadian back office functions are provided primarily by NBCN Correspondent Network and include custody of your assets, online statements, and tax reporting. Non-Canadian clients are free to choose any custodian of their liking. Our primary research has been outsourced to an independent provider housed with over 30 analysts and strategists.

The decision to outsource contributes directly to our clients paying less fees than the industry average as well as allows us to focus exclusively on providing unique investment solutions.

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Lower Fees

Today’s investment industry is dominated by companies with large back offices, product driven sales and marketing teams, and antiquated internal research departments. All of these components contribute directly to you paying significantly higher fees while receiving lower than deserved returns.

Our approach to outsourcing allows us to offer fees that are typically less than what most investors are paying today. And since investment costs come directly out of your returns, this is an opportunity that is significant to everyone.

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We believe in absolute transparency when it comes to fees. As a result the only revenue we receive from the management of a portfolio comes from our management fee and not from any transaction based commissions, or rebates from another firm to encourage us to sell their product.

Our fees are always explicitly stated in your account statements and easy to follow and understand.
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