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For individuals, we manage taxable and non-taxable accounts including RRSP and other retirement type accounts, as well as educational savings plans.

Prior to managing any portfolio, we have a good chat with our client so that we may develop an Investment Policy Statement. This document is your blue print for exactly how your portfolio should be structured and then managed on an ongoing basis. And because you and your investment goals are different from everyone else, your portfolio strategy will be different as well. In other words, it will be created specifically for you.


We have over 13 years experience managing investment portfolios for trusts. We provide strategies geared towards the separation of both capital and income, as well as total return strategies for trusts that are structured for this approach.

Our approach also focuses on ensuring settlors, beneficiaries and trustees are always comfortable and informed of current strategies and global market conditions.

Foundations and Endowments

Whether it is a specific distribution objective or inflation linked objective, we are able to provide strategies to achieve your investment objectives. Trustees and other fiduciaries will feel confident with our approach to portfolio construction and our ongoing portfolio and strategy updates.


For charities and not-for-profit organizations we help them achieve their aspirations and enable trustees to meet their fiduciary obligations. Strategies can be structured to meet your specific goals and objectives, while also allowing for the flexibility that is often needed for today’s charitable trusts.

For registered charities we are pleased offer a 25% discount on investment management fees.


For our institutional clients, IceCap Asset Management provides investment management for pension funds and other large portfolio mandates.

In addition, we offer our Global Investment Intelligence Service.

The GIIS provides institutional clients with an independent and objective analysis of all the factors affecting your global portfolio strategies. Whereas your current investment managers have the incentive to “talk their book,” as a non-manager of your funds, IceCap Asset Management retains a fiduciary duty to provide you with a 100% independent and objective analysis of global markets from the perspective of an actual investment manager.

Our analysis and perspective will empower your investment committee with critical knowledge and data to better prepare them for all meetings with all investment managers.

Key features include:

  • IceCap Asset Management sitting with your investment committee for all quarterly investment management presentations
  • Independent analysis and perspective covering the following financial markets: equities, fixed income, currencies, commodities and precious metals
  • Indepth data on valuations, sentiment, technical, liquidity and common inputs into multi-factor models
  • Independent analysis and outlook covering global macro landscape including monetary, fiscal and geopolitical issues

When considering your fiduciary duty to plan members, this is a perfect solution to providing a perspective which is independent of your current investment managers.


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