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At IceCap Asset Management, our goal is to earn the highest return possible, while also protecting your hard earned money.

Most investment professionals only provide their clients with a combination of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. We believe there is a better way. There was a time when this traditional approach was appropriate, however the investment world changes constantly and with it new tools and strategies are becoming available that help you protect your money, while also directly investing in many attractive global opportunities.  Given the current condition of the World, this is especially true today.

At IceCap Asset Management, we consider all asset classes including the traditional strategies of using stocks and bonds, but also commodities, gold, currencies and real estate.

While it is commonly accepted within the investment industry, it isn’t widely communicated to clients; stock picking is not a big contributor to your total return. In fact, stock picking (or security selection as it is referred to within the industry) only contributes about 5% to your total return. Yes, this is somewhat important but not nearly as important as the other 95% of your return which comes from the asset allocation decision.

As a result, our investment approach focuses first and foremost on ensuring your portfolio has the correct allocation to each of the major asset classes. This allocation is determined by your specific investment objectives; as it is your objectives that determine exactly how much of your money should be invested in each asset class.

Since everyone is different and has different specific goals, we construct your portfolio specifically for you. We do not offer “off the shelf” products or strategies. We will not refer to you as a “balanced growth client.” You are unique and your investment portfolio should be as well.

Asset Allocation

Our approach to the Asset Allocation decision focuses on a thorough analysis of the global economy with specific focus on market specific indicators and international capital flows. Our patience and our experience has taught us that all asset classes become significantly mispriced at one time or another. An objective mindset guided by liquidity, earnings, technical and sentiment indicators help to identify periods when mispricing occurs.
It is during these periods of mispricing when we capitalise to benefit your portfolio.


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